Learn About Our Company.

Company Background

Kum & Go StoreRecognizing a need for better performing digital out-of-home products, Info2go was launched in 2007 as a subsidiary of International LCD. The management’s previous success in electronics design and distribution at International LCD laid the framework for the launch of the digital out-of-home line. In 2009 Info2go entered into a strategic partnership with Dee Zee Manufacturing to draw on the extensive resources of Dee Zee in metal design, fabrication and product assembly. Dee Zee Manufacturing acquired Info2go in 2011 in order to further efforts to increase market penetration and expand Info2go’s offerings. Dee Zee Manufacturing has been one of the nations leading manufacturers since 1977. Dee Zee is renown for its truck accessory line sold to both after-market distributors and original equipment manufacturers including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda. With sales approaching $200 million, the privately held company is branching into the technology sector as part of its growth initiatives. Combining the electronics strength of Info2go with the manufacturing capabilities of Dee Zee allows the most extensive capabilities of any digital signage entity in the world.

About Info2Go Pump-Toppers

Consumer at PumpSince 2007 Info2go has rigorously designed the leading technology for the digital out-of-home market. All aspects of Info2go products are designed in-house including sunlight readable technology, circuit boards, enclosures and software. This aggregate approach to product development allows Info2go to produce the most innovative products in the digital out-of-home industry. Info2go’s acclaimed 21.5″ pump-topper device features the industry’s clearest sunlight readable display coupled with reliable wireless playback electronics. The system is driven by Info2go’s proprietary software, DisplayPress, which provides client access to efficient content scheduling across networks of any size. An optional camera package offers customers the industry’s first pump-top device with integrated security functionality. The security cameras capture images when motion is detected and allow clients to retrieve the desired images from a web-based portal. For customers desiring the highest performance from their digital out-of-home network, Info2go is the clear choice.

Meet the Team

Steve “Doc” Scheidecker

Steve is a jack-knife of sorts with experience spanning a variety of industries and trades. He graduated with a B.A. in accounting from the University of Northern Iowa after which he continued to grow a business he founded while in college. This business, International LCD, focused on providing customer-centric distribution of LCD components to medical and industrial OEMs. The business continues to fulfill customer needs to this day through its established world-wide network of manufacturers and distributors.

In the summer of 2007, International LCD, re-organized with additional funding from outside sources to more aggressively expand its distribution efforts and to grow into additional markets. As part of this expansion Steve played a key role in founding Info2go, the first pump-top digital signage company in the Midwest. Info2go continues to be the focus of Steve’s activities as he seeks to develop new media and the digital signage industry, one of the 5 fastest growing industries in the world.

Steve also undertakes a variety of side projects including flooring applications, CRM tools, service request management, social media, and more. When he’s not behind a computer screen he is usually enjoying an evening with his wife Kali and son Grant, watching his cousin Tim’s high school athletic events at Ankeny Christian Academy, or entertaining/hosting his extensive family.

Matt Rittman

Matt is the creative guy at Info2Go in Des Moines, IA. He graduated from Iowa State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. He spends most of his evenings working on his new dwelling in Des Moines. “I hate that house”, you’ll sometimes hear him say.

Other than the sweat and blood put into his house, Matt enjoys hanging out with friends and family. He loves making people laugh with his crazy personality. He enjoys fishing, working on his car, and playing pool…even though he’s no good at it. He is a believer in Jesus Christ and attends Walnut Creek Community Church.

His weapons of choice include Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and 3ds max. To check out more of Matt’s work, check out his personal website at www.mattrittman.com.