Real-time information employees need, where they need it

MessagesHD places relevant real-time information where it serves employees best, in the workplace. Optimize workforce efficiency by presenting timely messages, pictures, diagrams, goals and current performance. By presenting information at locations around the workplace employees hear the latest news, learn how they are performing and retain important information. Choose to automate MessagesHD by pulling data, graphs, messages and alerts from company databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) or RSS feeds.



MessagesHD can display graphs and real-time performance data at any work-center. Employees instantly know when they are running behind yielding vast increases in productivity.



MessagesHD allows real-time information presentation with video and audio to quickly inform employees of workplace hazards. Bi-lingual translation allows transmission across diverse environments.



MessagesHD helps create a vibrant company culture. Displaying birthdays, events, achievements and awards make employees know that they are a valuable part of the organization.


Product Info

MessagesHD educates your employees about your company and products. Images and video attract employee attention that leads to great improvements in information retention.